Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store the harvested animal until I can bring it to you?
For animals with hair or fur the best way to store them is to fold the hide in half lengthwise with the meat sides together, and then starting from the tail end roll the hide up towards the head until it can’t be rolled anymore. After that place the rolled hide and head in a large heavy duty garbage bag. Get as much air out as you can and seal it by either tying a tight note or using a zip-tie. For fish do not gut them. Lay the fish flat and wrap in about 1” of newspaper then place in the freezer. For birds do not gut them. If possible place the head of the bird under one of the wings then place in a plastic garbage bag. Take care to place the bird into the bag in the same direction that the feathers are going, also pay special attention to not damage the tail feathers on birds such as turkeys and pheasant.
What do I need to bring with me?
When bringing an animal into the shop, be sure to bring all tag and license information that pertains to the animal that is being brought in. You will also need to bring in a form of payment. We accept all major credit cards (There is a 3% charge if you wish to use American Express), Cash, Check, and money orders. A deposit of 50% of your total invoice is required before an animal will be accepted.
Do you offer any type of discount?
We proudly offer a 10% discount for veteran and active duty military personnel, police, firefighters, and EMT’s. We also offer discounts when you bring in several animals at a time to be mounted. The percent discount depends on the total of the invoice.
Do you mount ducks?
We do not currently mount ducks as you need a federal migratory bird permit to do so. However, we are in the process of attaining this permit and we will make an update when we obtain the permit.
Do you sell extra animal hides, skulls, or antlers?
Yes we do, however we don’t keep very many on hand so if you give us advance notice on what you are looking for we will be happy to set it aside for you. A 75% deposit is required to make a purchase of this type. If we cannot find what you were looking for the deposited will be returned to you or could be used as credit towards future purchases.